Integrated Systems

Technological advances have put security and control in the palm of your hand, literally. Majors Security Corporation can customize and integrate security systems, including: alarms, CCTV, and access control to work so that they can be monitored off site by security officers and branch managers from their offices and/or smart devices.



Alarm Systems

  • Various manufacturers and devices



CCTV Systems

  • DVR—various manufacturers and softwares, monitors
  • Cameras—various manufactures and models including pinhole, FDIC/CUNA, Height Strip
  • Weather proofing and night vision



Access Control Systems

  • Card and fob access
  • Biometric Systems




Banking in the 21st century relies increasingly on automated processes.



Cash Handling

  • Cash Dispensers
  • Cash Sorters




  • Rigging, Troubleshooting & Service



  • Rigging, Troubleshooting & Service



Special/Customized Services

  • Vault and Safe restoration
  • Vault and Safe customization/repurposing
  • Branch building—new branches and remodeling, independent and imbedded locations
  • Bullet Resistant Glass


Mechanical Physical Systems

Vaults, safes and locks are the cornerstone of financial security. Majors Security Corporation sells, installs, moves, customizes and services vaults, safes, lock systems, safe boxes and night depository systems.

  • Vault Doors
  • Commercial Door
  • Day Gates
  • Mini Vaults
  • Cash Safes—Custom Interiors
  • Night Depository Systems
  • Concrete Vault Panels
  • Cash Storage Lockers
  • Safe Deposit Boxes—Customized Sections


Drive-Up Transaction Systems

Remote transaction systems provide convenience in banking and pharmacy transactions. Majors Security Corporation specializes in the design, installation and repair of remote transaction systems.

  • Remote Transaction Systems—Upsend, Downsend, Point-to-Point
  • Drive Up Banking Windows
  • Deal Drawer Systems
  • Audio Systems


Banking Furniture

Majors Security Corporation installs and customizes banking furniture to suit the style and atmosphere of the individual brand and branch locations.

  • Modular Counter Systems
  • Under Counter Steel
  • Pod Stations



License Numbers


TN Alarm License # 1504

TN Locksmith License # 423